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The coronavirus opens a new front in the coalition government

Moncloa amends Yolanda Díaz (Labor) who had launched a guide with measures to prevent contagion in the workplace, and warns that only Health establishes the measures to be taken

“One Government, two parties, but one voice.” The vocation expressed by Pedro Sánchez in his speech after bringing together the Council of Ministers for the first time is resulting in failure. Communication and coordination within the Coalition Government were the main challenge in this new stage in Moncloa and, therefore, a sort of follow-up committee was established and all the communicative work was centralized under the baton of Iván Redondo. However, the strategy makes water and there are already several examples that prove it. After the first crises due to the immigration policy of the Ministry of the Interior or the war opened by the draft Sexual Freedom, which have come to overshadow the measure, the action against the coronavirus is now added. The socialist sector begins to show its tiredness and ensures that its purple partners “go free”.

The Ministry of Labor, directed by Yolanda Díaz, published a guide yesterday with the measures to be taken by employers in relation to COVID-19, a series of action guidelines that companies and workers must follow to avoid contagion among their workforce. In addition, companies that are needed to stop their business activity due to the direct cause of the coronavirus were authorized to suppress payments from Social Security contributions during the total closing period. The initiative has had a bad reception among businessmen and unions, who have denounced that their momentum has not been analyzed at the social dialogue table that the ministry opened with them.

The unrest has also invaded Moncloa that, 12 hours after becoming public the guide of advice against the coronavirus in the labor scope, has issued a statement disabling Diaz and making it clear that whoever pilots this crisis by the Government is the Ministry of Health. “The indications on the evolution of the coronavirus and the measures to be taken in Spain are being offered by the Ministry of Health. International organizations offer since the appearance of COVID-19 measures of a general nature, ”says the message, to immediately point out that “The entire Government follows the specific instructions of the Ministry of Health, that are based on a constant monitoring of the situation, information transparency, decision making according to scientific evidence and total coordination between the different administrations ”. The coronavirus emphasizes that coexistence in the Coalition Government is becoming increasingly complicated between PSOE and Unidos Podemos.


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