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The coronavirus puts in check the reappearances of Talavante and José Tomás in France




The coronavirus has put in check the reappearance of Alejandro Talavante April 11 in Arles. And not only that of Extremadura, but also the return of Jose Tomas to Nimes in May. The French Government has banned the concentrations of more than a thousand people, so the bullfighting season in France is in serious danger.

«I see the entire beginning of the year in danger. Not only Arles, also Nimes and the others. There is still no official confirmation, so you have to be cautious and have peace of mind and patience, ”explains the businessman of Arles, the bullfighter John the baptist.

Baptist does not hide his concern: «Of course I am very worried. On the one hand I would like to think that a solution will be found, but on the other we will follow the guidelines given by the State. If it applies to a football match, why don’t they do it in a bullfight? »

The French businessman and bullfighter says that they are living «very complicated moments and there are many speculations, but everything points to a blockade of mass shows, and there is talk of three months ».

The rumors are nothing rosy: they say that France goes with a “delay” of fifteen days with respect to what happened in Italy, and Spain with fifteen with respect to France. “I fear the worst, we will have to wait for what the ministry says,” says Bautista.

The suspension of the fair would mean «a hard stick and serious economic damage for the company; there are many preparation and promotion expenses ». Also for the whole sector, especially for farmers, a “stab” to the brave hut. “What do we do with the Cinqueños?” Asks a famous cattle rancher.

Some believe that in the case of Spain the nearby ones will be “saved” Fallas and La Magdalena, but that the “April Fair and San Isidro” would be in danger.

Regarding the possibility, in case of Arles’s suspension, to give those posters on another date, Bautista says: “I would shuffle the option of giving one at the September fair, but it is still very difficult.”

The tickets have gone on sale today, and the businessman says that “they are going at a very good pace, but the payment is true that something stopped when the alarm for the coronavirus began.”


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