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The coronavirus reaches NASA

California, United States

The administrator of the POTJim Bridenstine announced on Monday the first case of coronavirus Covid-19 detected in the US aerospace agency, which forced access restriction and ordered “teleworking status” in one of its research centers in Silicon Valley (California).

“On Sunday, March 8, we received confirmation that an employee of the Ames Research Center of the POT, in Silicon Valley, tested positive for him coronavirus (COVID-19), “Bridenstine said in a statement, in which he said they believe” exposure in the center has been limited. “

However, as a precaution, together with the director of the Ames Center, Eugene Tu, and the head of Health of the POT, J.D. Polk, decided to declare the personnel of these facilities “temporarily in a state of compulsory teleworking, with restricted access to the center until further notice”.

“Limiting access to the center will allow Ames medical staff and public health officials to determine potential contacts (which the infected person may have had) and evaluate areas that may require additional cleaning and mitigate potential exposure to center staff,” he said. the administrator of the POT.

The aerospace agency is now trying to track who the worker infected with “maintained significant contact with” coronavirus to notify people who may be at risk of being infected.

“Access to Ames is restricted to essential personnel only, as necessary to safeguard the life, property and essential functions of the mission … It will be targeted to those who do not have equipment to work from home or who work in laboratories or other facilities that require technical equipment, “he added.

Bridenstine took the opportunity to report the reprogramming of the field activities of three NASA Earth Science airborne science missions that were to be deployed throughout the country this spring, also due to the danger of the coronavirus.

COVID-19, which has infected more than 113,000 people worldwide, has caused about half a thousand infections in the United States, of which at least 22 people have died due to the disease. EFE


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