The councilor reveals the truth about Trzaskowski

On Saturday, Rafał Trzaskowski was to attend his friend’s birthday party, which she organized in the fashionable Paloma club in Warsaw, located on the Vistula River. According to the participants of the event, with whom spoke, the company was not noticeable, but around 1.00 am, all eyes focused on the mayor of Warsaw, because he decided to intervene in the music played by DJs.

The recording shows how the president of Warsaw negotiates with them “playing something more danceable” and uses his office to do so. At one point, Trzaskowski, with a pinch of salt, announces that “this is his city” and tries to negotiate a change of the piece. The music was muted for the duration of the call.

We asked the Warsaw PiS councilor Wiktor Klimiuk whether the president of Warsaw had acted too bluntly in one of the capital’s clubs. – On the one hand, one can agree that this event is of no great importance. The mayor of the city at night behaves like an average slightly tipsy club visitor, arguing with the DJ about the type of music. A moment of weakness that would not be worth divorcing if not for the fact that some opinion-forming and political circles are trying to make him a savior of the opposition and a statesman, and for such a situation described would be already embarrassing. Rafał Trzaskowski is a relatively efficient politician and a poor city manager, and the fact that he and his environment inflate expectations only hurt when faced with reality, assessed the PiS councilor.

– It is worth taking a look at Rafał Trzaskowski without a ton of PR undercoat, which he is covered with every day. So we see a politician who considers himself the owner of the city and its inhabitants and is sincerely surprised when it turns out that someone does not want to follow his orders – Klimiuk points out.

In the opinion of the PiS councilor, the behavior of the president of Warsaw is not an episode, but reflects his attitude towards co-workers. – When faced with resistance, he or she is in one breath when standing up and making lightly veiled threats. This confirms the long-standing rumors about the mistreatment of city workers by their boss. Well, the Romans used to say that you will tell the truth after drinking alcohol. Regarding hygiene, the situation shows that the president does not pay attention to the obligations arising from the pandemic. It is true that it is not uncommon in clubs, but a person with such a high political position, a few weeks ago asking the police to help punish people driving without masks on public transport, should set a better example – he concluded.


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