the crazy week of the Louvre


A cascade of official vernissages and private parties precedes the opening to the public this Thursday, the flagship retrospective of the autumn.

The Incredulity of St. Thomas (1483), a great bronze of Andrea del Verrocchio, whose conception Vinci, his pupil, no doubt participated, opens the exhibition.
The Incredulity of St. Thomas (1483), great bronze of Andrea del Verrocchio, whose conception Vinci, his student, undoubtedly participated, opens the exhibition. Louvre Museum_Antoine Mongodin

At this moment, we get up with Leonard. We eat with him. And when we sleep, we dream of him and his works. " At the Louvre, the communication and the external relations team, about thirty people, are on their teeth. Friday noon was what is called in the jargon the "prepress". This very first discovery of the flagship exhibition of the 500th anniversary of the death of Tuscan. It was the occasion of the arrival of a hundred media professionals. Usually, in this case, the glass door of the Napoleon Hall only opens for about twenty specialists, critics of ancient art, often revived. There they were double, and accompanied. The madness Vinci has indeed started. Already more than 182,000 reservations (mandatory) registered via the website or the ticket office of Fnac.

A digital "Mona Lisa"

Today, Napoleon's hall will be reserved for the Friends of the Louvre. Tomorrow, Tuesday, at the official press opening, they will be about 400 professionals

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