The creators forced the cheaters to play only among themselves and … it went all too well / CD-Action

The hit of the summer 2020 is still holding tight. At the beginning of the summer holidays, nothing indicated that the title would become the most popular game in the history of PS Pluswhich 7 million people will buy on Steam alone. Even if the peak of Fall Guys’ interest is perhaps already behind it, up to 100,000 players still spend their time playing it on PCs.

In such a number, there was also a handful of scum. Cheaters may not be common, but still encountering one can ruin the fun. Mediatonic decided to fight this problem. The developers have summarized the story of the Cheater Island project, which collects all the cheaters they catch in one place so that they have to play only against each other.

Since the studio did not want anyone to be unjustly accused, it acted slowly and methodically, waiting for the trickster Island to launch until it had enough players. The creators also didn’t want to just ban the suspects – the goal was to teach them that such behavior spoils all the fun.

After a short time (and lowering the detection threshold) the first games finally started. However, when there were no cheaters, the game simply broke and the players kept falling into the abyss. It is hard to call it a punishment, since the vast majority were convinced that it was simply a mistake. In addition, they could avoid it by joining a team with honest people.

The fighting continued for a while longer, but finally the actual games on the Isle of Cheaters began. And … they quickly conquered the internet:

The problem is that the creators did not care about the above-mentioned scenes reaching the mass consciousness (after all, they do not help the image of the title). In addition, they were still not sure if their system was working, and random people are not doomed to play with cheaters. Hence, the project was suspended, and cheaters were temporarily banned. Mediatonic finally decided on a proven solution: Easy Anti-Cheat will be released in the next Fall Guys update.

You can read the full story of Cheater Island in the thread below:


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