«The crisis has taught us that we are at an ERE to change social class»


Account Paloma Bravo that in the world of fiction, women are always defined by the search for something external that they lack and that will redeem them: a man, a son … "From Anna Karenina to Bridget Jones, we have been led to believe that women Without a husband or a lover, we are nothing. And that bothers me. Other feminine referents are needed », explains this journalist and writer, who has wanted to give a return to the situation in her new novel. In 'The wrong ones' (Espasa), the protagonists are six women who are not real, but realists, who have passed the age of 40, who begin to take the right and wrong decisions they have made in their lives and who establish a friendship relationship that acts as a network of protection against the harshness of day to day.

"That is a critical age, but also very cool, because for many years, we are postponing the major decisions of our lives and when we reach 40 we realize that great things will not come alone, and you will you have to build yourself, "explains Bravo, who has drawn with humor, irony and tenderness six different profiles, but complementary, to try to explain a post-crisis world that is no longer solid, but liquid and in which one and a half million women , only in Spain, they live in single-parent homes. Women to whom the time of their great role in the cinema has passed, who have seen how their husband has ended up in jail for a case of corruption or that they have to get into a taxi to earn money doing careers, and not precisely Law and Economics.

"Before, you spent your life in the same company and now, a circumstance alien to you leaves you without work. The last years of crisis have taught us all that we are at an ERE away from changing social class. In the past, studying a career and a master's degree and speaking English was the guarantee of a minimum salary level that was not going to change. Also, doing your job well was a guarantee that you would not lose it. But ten years ago that's over. I know people who run companies and now drive a Cabify, "says Bravo, who achieved success with his first book, 'The Bride of Dad', which was adapted to the theater. She is also the author of 'Tres mujeres solalas', 'La piel de Mica', 'Solos' and the children's book 'Los cuentos del koala'.

'The incorrect ones' is a feminist book, and that's how the author is declared. "There are many feminisms and you need self-criticism and a sense of humor. For example, I do not like that with the excuse of feminism, the innocence is presumed innocent, which is a basic value of human rights. Feminism must be a movement that defends the equality of all and must do so from empathy, from the recognition of plural realities. Sometimes, aggressiveness is necessary and anger is a huge engine, but the end does not justify the means, "he says. "The word empoderamiento I do not like, it seems alien, I get the feeling that someone gives us power. No, women do not have to empower us. They have to let us exercise the power we deserve. I do not want to be empowered, I want to have power, "says the writer.

'The incorrect ones' by Paloma Bravo are known as their young sons and daughters train on a football field. Because there, in the field of play, are also breaking traditional rules. «My daughter wanted to play soccer with children. Why could not he do it? And although it is true that at first he had to overcome some obstacles, he succeeded. Same as the fact that girls' uniforms have to be skirts, and not pants. I believe that equality must be achieved through education, but I also try to be very pragmatic because everything adds up, "says the author.

To complete the 'incorrect' profile of the novel, a girl appears who is not an angel, but a demon who only thinks about doing evil and who serves to teach the difficulty of relations between parents and offspring. "I've thought a lot about motherhood since I had my daughter," says Bravo. "Children have a certain character, no matter how hard parents try, and not all children are innocent. The evil adults we know were possibly wicked as children. "

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