“The Crown” – – Malicious portrayal

The Netflix hit “The Crown” premiered on Sunday and two new historical characters are now included in the drama series about the British royal family, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana.

The fourth season has been warmly received, and Dagbladet’s reviewer gave the series dice roll six. But do not take everything the series conveys for good fish, we must believe both critics and the series creator himself.

In the first episode of the series, we see Crown Prince Charles confronted by his great-uncle and father figure Lord Mountbatten about why he has not married yet.

In the episode, Charles receives a harsh letter from Mountbatten in which he insists that the young prince finds himself a sweet, innocent and temperamental girl, without a troubled past. Rather sooner rather than later, to avoid and inflict more disappointment on the family.

Critics believe that such a letter has never taken place, writes CNN.

Admits fiction

In a podcast about “The Crown”, series creator David Morgan admits that on several occasions he has had to use his imagination to help make the story come true.

– I invented the scene with the letter. Whether it is right or wrong, we know that Lord Mountbatten pressured Charles to marry. Everything in the letter is what I think has happened, based on everything we know and have read. But we will never know if this was actually communicated in letter form from Mountbatten to Charles, Morgan says in the podcast.

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Morgan emphasizes that “The Crown” has never pretended to be an accurate rendering of history.

– People think it’s real because it’s so well made. Great production with talented actors. “The Crown” is not a series that can be written off as tabloid rubbish, he says.

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Historian Hugo Vickers says CNN that the fourth season contains several misrepresentations of the royal family.

– All members of the family do poorly in this series, except Diana. It is very clear that the creator of the series is against Charles, says Vickers.

He is also critical of the fact that the series presents a bad relationship between Prime Minister Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth II.

– Everyone who follows the series probably thinks it’s true, but it’s not, Wickers says.

– Evil

There have been several rumors lately that members of the royal family are dissatisfied with season four of the series, especially the portrayal of the relationship between Charles and Diana.

Journalist and royal house author Penny Junor, writes in a post in The Daily Mail that the portrayal of the prince and princess is vicious.

– It is the most vicious, unreasonable and terrible version imaginable, she writes.

She believes Camilla Parker Bowles is portrayed as selfish, cunning and naughty, and Charles spoiled and eccentric. While Diana is the innocent victim.

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Prince Charles is today married to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

– One day Camilla will become queen, and if people think that the story of Prince Charles’ marriage from “The Crown” is like that, then it can have major consequences. Both for the couple and for the monarchy, Junor writes.

– Never approved content

Series creator Morgan has also faced criticism because he has given the impression that the real royal family has given the series approval.

In an interview with The Guardian told Morgan that he has met members of the royal household four times a year.

– I tell them what thoughts I have, and they steel themselves, he said.

But the Queen’s press secretary was quick to say that “The Crown” has never received any approval from the royal family.

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– The Royal House has never approved content, and has not asked to know which topics will be included. The family would never express a view on the program’s accuracy, the Queen’s press secretary Donald McCabe wrote in a letter reproduced by CNN.

– I have sympathy for Charles

This round of the hit series is dedicated to the stormy and turbulent 1980s.

The Falklands War, political and social unrest in Britain, Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister, and trouble in her own ranks are among the many topics the experienced monarch has to deal with.

The magnificent wedding between Prince Charles and the now deceased Princess Diana in 1981 gets screen time – and not least the time afterwards.

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Josh O’Connor, who plays Charles, hopes viewers will not begin to hate the real Prince Charles and Princess Diana because the series captures some of the most turbulent and public moments in the couple’s lives.

– I have a lot of sympathy for Charles, and I think the viewers have too. What Emma and I are trying to do is tell an impartial story, and present a version that shows how a marriage tragically disintegrates. I hope people will not hate them, he says in an interview with Sky News.

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