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The cultural choices of “La Croix”, this week, a thirst for enthusiasm

To great ills, great remedies. For the next few days, one single prescription should apply to everyone: cultural therapy. Comedians, writers and thinkers … All these artists, failing to care for the bodies, will heal hearts and souls.

► Cinema

This week’s film releases bring to the screen destinies with tragic but resolutely optimistic overtones. In “Oskar and Lily”, director Arash T. Riahi proves that one can treat the plight of refugees with humor and tenderness without falling into miserability.

Between violence and redemption, the Polish Jan Komasa in “The Communion” films the story of this delinquent who, with disarming ardor, pretends to be a priest and brings peace to a wounded community.

In “De Gaulle”, Gabriel Le Bomin scores a double blow. The detailed account of a great moment of history carried by an extraordinary character, and the story of a couple that love seals despite the circumstances: the collapse of France and the handicap of their daughter .

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► Novel

Rather than give in at the end of time, let’s build the beginnings. This is the message of Atlantic Night by Anne-Marie Garat, an invigorating fable in an oceanic Bordeaux. She has a perky depth, a hopping nostalgia, a positive dereliction, a carefree pessimism. The catastrophe, under his pen, becomes if not delectable, at least livable.

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► Theater

Magnificent work of a young Victor Hugo full of passion and poetry, Ruy Blascalls us out of the sleepwalking in which the world holds us Insists Yves Beaunesne, who stages this drama in a burlesque fashion at the Gérard Philipe theater in Saint-Denis. For him, this “ earthworm in love with a star “, Who allows himself to live the forbidden and destroy the powerful, can serve as a model for the youth of today.

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► Theology

Eric T. de Clermont-Tonnerrre’s first essay sounds like a reminder of the basics. The work of this Dominican monk is a “Invitation to the reader to go to Christ, as directly as possible, as often as possible, as radically as possible. “

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► Art of living

Spring and its joyful promises of renewal are not far away. And, even if patience is the primary quality of gardeners, there are times when installing plants that quickly satisfy them is essential.

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