The culture choices of La Croix, this week, three powerful women

"I wonder if we can be interested in the soul of a woman whose legs are too short irremediably", writes Montherlant in his Notebooks, 1930-1944 (Gallimard). If this kind of assertion shocks today, the reality it describes is far from gone. Too small or too big, too big, too old … Women are still often considered in the light of appearances.

These days, three of them send waltz critics, watched by a director, a filmmaker and a director. Heroines of yesterday or today, they trace a path of audacity and freedom.

– At the Opera

Rieux, melancholy and tragic, Manon draws itself in the opera of Jules Massenet. If the staging of Olivier Py at the Opéra-comique lacks nuance, the heroine born under the pen of Abbé Prévost, finds in Patricia Petitbon a subtle ambassador. From this paradoxical love, often confined to the image of shameless seductress, the soprano restores all the complexity.

– At the movie theater

With Gloria Bell, remake of his own film released in 2013, the Chilean Sebastian Lelio offers the American actress Julianne Moore, 58, a role tailor-made. That of a flamboyant fifties who does not want to give up either life or love, in a society that makes him understand that she is no longer old enough to dream. Divorced, mother of great children, in sentimental wandering, Gloria leaves the evening in the dancings of Los Angeles for singles. And learns, little by little, to emancipate itself from the eyes of others.

– To the television

Entered into the dictionary in 2018, grossophobia refers to a "Stigma attitude towards obese or overweight people. " Murielle Magellan's TV movie illuminates this plague, at a time when one in six French people suffers from obesity. A reality that Raphaëlle (actress Juliette Katz), heroine of Me, fat. Mocked since childhood for her appearance, the young woman continues to be discriminated in her social and professional life … With pedagogy and optimism, this fiction tells how she will tame her body. To be reviewed on

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