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The Cut removed a bizarre article that described Priyanka Chopra as an international fraud artist.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have begun to irritate some with their oversaturated wedding content, but a writer from The Cut has moved her discontent to such a strange level in an article published Tuesday afternoon that caused an intense social media reaction. The website, which is part of the New York magazine, replaced the article the next morning with an apology.

"After a thorough editorial review, we found that this story did not meet our standards," editorial note is read now. "We removed it and we apologize for it."

In an article of about 1,600 words titled "The Love of the Real Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas?", Author and comedian Mariah Smith accused Chopra of being a "global hustler" ". She supported the theory that Chopra, a Bollywood superstar with 32 million Instagram followers who moved to Hollywood with her lead role in "Quantico" on ABC, use Jonas, a singer and sometimes an actor who s & # 39; He is known halfway as a member of the Jonas Brothers, for his own benefit.

At least that seemed to be the essence. The article furrowed the story of the couple until the wedding ceremony, which began on Saturday after a relatively quick engagement, and criticized Chopra's rich lifestyle. Some arguments put forward by Smith:

  • Chopra responded to Jonas by sending him a direct message on Twitter at the end of 2016 suggesting he send an SMS instead, which shows his "Hollywoodness" because she had the audacity to tell another celebrity "that his" team "was reading his direct messages." Thus Chopra "indicated that he was added to the shortlist of Hollywood that she and her team would look for a possible romance."
  • It is ridiculous that Chopra, a self-proclaimed woman, wants to spend her money on luxury items. This is in some way related to the claim that his team was once looking for the best man.
  • Nick has long argued that he prefers to date older women, so this relationship makes sense to him. (He is 10 years younger than Chopra, who is 36 years old.) The actress, on the other hand, was previously silent about her personal life. This makes her suspicious.
  • Chopra brought Nick to their wedding ceremony on a horse because it's awful (and not because it's part of a Hindu wedding procession called the baraat).

The Cut has updated the article before taking it, apparently to tone down the language. (The remark from Smith's "global hustler", for example, was removed but remained in a tweet now deleted.)

Joe Jonas, the famous brother and singer of Nick, and his fiancee, Sophie Turner, star of "Game of Thrones", came to the defense of the newlyweds with tweets sent at the same time. Jonas wrote that the Cut should be "ashamed to have someone write such perverse words. What Nick and Pri have, it's beautiful love while Turner called the article "Crazily inappropriate and totally disgusting."

Other celebrities who stood alongside Chopra and Jonah included actress Sonly Kapoor Ahuja from Bollywood. tweeted that the cup has "a lot to answer for."

"The article on @priyankachopra was sexist, racist and disgusting," she continued. "It's also written by a woman who is so sad. It smells of desire and bitterness. "

Arjun Kapoor, who played alongside Chopra in Bollywood's movie "Gunday" in 2014 tweeted that he personally knows Chopra and that he is "fairly certain that @nickjonas has not been kidnapped nor coerced into a loving union."

A number of journalists also criticized the text on Twitter, questioning Cut's decision to publish it.

Iva Dixit, publisher of the New York Times magazine's audience, D & # 39; agreement that there is "extremely a story to be written" about a marriage that has so much relied on sponsored content, but that this attempt has failed. Tanvi Misra, writer of CityLab tweeted that she loved "the passion for Nick jonas in all that was bad, as billions of Indians gasped." . . guy?! "When Chopra announced his engagement." (Yes, there are many people, including this journalist's own Indian mother, who did not know who Nick Jonas was before becoming the next Mr. Priyanka Chopra. )

Krutika Mallikarjuna, TV Guide Editor it is noted that a good part of the play "was based on a lack of understanding of Hindu wedding ceremonies and looked at the cultural norms of millions of people as being strange and something that had to be imposed on other people" . Sonia Saraiya, critic at Vanity Fair. interrogates if it were to be satirical, also highlighted cultural insensitivity and suggested Smith "to set aside" the Indian woman as an indefatigable temptress "and go straight to the analysis of" Nick Jones is a naive virgin who would marry instead "."

And Louis Peitzman, Assistant Editor of Arts and Entertainment at BuzzFeed News drew attention to another important factor, namely the role of the publisher in the publication of history.

Chopra and Jonas have not yet responded to the article and Smith has not sent back a Washington Post comment request. (She seems to have removed a number of tweets related to the article and Chopra.) A representative of New York magazine refers The Post to the editor's note.

Writer Bolu Babalola resume The online conversation around the blog post: "This article, The Cut, really took pleasure in believing that Nick & Priyanka were part of a post-racial performance show developed by an extremely rich person and that I never forgive. "

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