Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018

The Czech buyer of Elle and Marianne promises them treat “with caution and respect”

Daniel Kretinsky, owner of the group Czech Media Invest which intends to buy several magazines of the French group Lagardère , whose She and 7 Days TV , as well as the newsmag Marianne , assures that he will treat them with “prudence and respect”, in an interview at Figaro Friday, April 20th. “I have great respect for these magazines and for the work of their teams, it is not in our interest to damage these brands, this heritage will be treated with caution and respect,” he says the day after. the announcement of a proposed acquisition of Marianne, which must however be validated by the Commercial Court of Paris.

“We are here to help develop these titles and allow them to calmly consider the future,” says this billionaire and francophile. According to Figaro he says he will invest in these magazines and “that Marianne’s writing could even be strengthened”. The choice of Marianne, who was in trouble lately and was following a recovery plan approved by the Commercial Court of Paris this summer, is “above all citizen, although I’m not French, to help this. title, “he told the newspaper.

“As far as Lagardère’s magazines are concerned, I am optimistic about finding a solid business model. She to be more present on the digital, “he says.In these titles with 700 employees,” the question of employment is under discussion “, according to the Figaro .

“Strong emotional ties with France”

The owner of the first written press group in the Czech Republic, Mr Kretinsky, who studied in France at the University of Dijon, says he has “strong emotional ties with France”. “I have an economic position comfortable enough to allow me to make choices that are not motivated by greed,” he added to justify his investments.

He also relies on a beneficial experience sharing for his Czech newspapers and a new international aura for his group.

Asked about the quotation from his name in the Panama Papers’ investigation, noted by the Lagardère media unions, he said it was “a Caribbean-based catamaran I bought and which was registered in Panama, I have never hidden that I own it “.

(With AFP)

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