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The Czech Post wants to expand into the EU with the “flood of competition”. A Chinese team is also building a giant hall

Czech Post wants to expand into Europe with its delivery services. In the Moravian-Silesian region, a major sorting center is being built, where shipments will travel mainly from Asia, and the post office will deliver these packages across Europe. The construction of the logistics center, which will run in trial from September, is the highest investment in the modern history of the Czech Post.

In full operation, the logistics center, which will be built in Mošnov near Ostrava Airport, will start operating in the first half of next year. The hall itself was established in previous years, the sorting center has been under construction since last year. The Czech Post has invested hundreds of millions of kronor in it.

Matyáš Vitík, a spokesman for the post office, told Aktuálně.cz: “By building a logistics center, the Czech Post wants to start a major expansion not only in Europe but also in other parts of the world.

Shipments from China flow to the sorting center, which workers send by train or truck not only throughout Central Europe but also throughout the EU. In the first phase, the post office wants to handle 300,000 shipments per day.

As a result, the Post Office also created a new Chinese Communications Department with an overview of the business environment in China. Currently, it is already in contact with Chinese, Singaporean and other Asian e-shops.

During its expansion abroad, the state-owned company also relied on the establishment of the so-called ETOE, i.e. in the original Extraterrestrial Exchange Office. “This is basically a foreign branch that the post office does not manage directly, but will allow the local operator. The Czech Post opened it in the Netherlands this year, then in Singapore and Vietnam. In the Netherlands, we will Se therefore it will be possible to operate shipments to France and a certain part of the profit will thus be obtained by the Czech Post, “Vitík explained.

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The post office believes that the international market will be the biggest driver for it in the future, in which it will develop and earn. “And also a little sinking the competition,” believes Vitik.

However, the state-owned company also wants to strengthen in the domestic market, where it has competition from companies such as PPL or Zásilkovna.

The post office hopes that, thanks to the centralization of the region of North Moravia, it will be in Mošnov and also thanks to the automation of sorting and shipment of shipments to the new center that labor productivity will increase. Higher productivity will also lead to lower prices. “We promise to strengthen our market position in the region above 40 percent,” Vitík said.

The Mošnov logistics center, which will reach a size of almost 30,000 square meters, will also allow connections to airport, highway and rail networks.

The advantage will also be an easily accessible track. “For the first time in the history of the Czech Post, it will help us open a container terminal and serve container transport. This is one of our strategic activities in the medium term,” said Martin Kment, Director of the Czech Post’s Logistics Division.

Thanks to the logistics center, 400 jobs will also be created, in which the first hundred employees should start working in the room as early as this year.

The existing sorting centers from Ostrava and Olomouc, which are now working beyond their capacity, will also move to the new complex. According to the post office, the cost of upgrading these outdated transportation centers, increasing their capacity and upgrading their equipment would not be economical.

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In Mošnov, among other things, a new bullet sorting machine is planned, which will have a higher production hours, as well as better technological parameters than those of the current machines in Olomouc and Ostrava.

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