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The Czech Republic did not recognize the monument to Marshal Ivan Konev in Prague as a military burial, since it was never listed in the register. This was stated by press secretary of the Ministry of Defense of the country Jan Peishek in an interview with RIA Novosti.

The Czech Defense Ministry maintains a register of military graves, including Russian ones, and takes care of them: there are up to four thousand. However, the monument to Marshal Konev was never listed as one of them, said Peyshek.

On April 3, a monument to Konev was demolished in Prague. In this regard, on April 10, the Investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case under part three of Article 354.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Desecration of the symbols of Russia’s military glory, committed publicly”). The Czech Foreign Ministry indicated that they consider the persecution of their officials by a foreign state unacceptable.

In 2017, the role of Konev in history was revised in the Czech Republic. In addition to information about the commander’s role in the liberation of Prague from the Nazis in 1945, a mention of the suppression of the Hungarian uprising of 1956 and the preparation of the introduction of troops into Czechoslovakia in 1968 appeared on the monument’s plate.

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