The dark Soros-Jesuit link: an underground river of dollars

Jesuit foundations supported by the Open Society of George Soros. A legitimate link that was not known in the news. And that can help to clarify the points of contact between two realities operating in different fields. Maybe they were once different, while now the field of action may also have become common: fostering a society without walls and borders, in the name of multiculturalism and immigration. The Jesuits, especially the American ones, are for a progressive leader. It applies to the focus of the doctrine, but also to the type of world to be promoted. An “open” space, in fact. A terrestrial globe where the diversity of identities represents a value. Or, according to the conservatives’ grievances, a world where the traditions and specifics of peoples end up succumbing, mixing. But it is more or less since 1968 that the North American Jesuits have been preaching the turning point. And patience for “relativism”.

This is $ 1,702,577. Aciprensa she is sure of it. Some cases are also mentioned. In the case of the Jesuit Service Foundation for Refugeesi, the reference entry is “support the beneficiary’s work on migrants’ rights”, while the figure is close to 180 thousand dollars. The news leaps to the press during the election campaign for the American presidential elections. The most important for the western ideological destiny. Soros, who has a certain role in the States and has never hidden his sympathies for progressivism, is not a supporter of Trump, who is opposed by the left fringes of the Catholic Church, with the Jesuits at the forefront. There is the problem that Joe Biden is an abortionist. But for James Martin, Jesuit and consultant to the Secretariat for Communication of the Vatican, does not seem so discriminating: “Mr. Biden is a baptized Catholic. So he is a Catholic”, said the consecrated person on Twitter. Just to give an example of how two universes, however parallel, can meet in the name of an “open society”. Biden and the Catholic Church, but also Open Society and Jesuit foundations. And it is not a speech that necessarily pertains to the United States of America.

“From you – si always read on the aforementioned source – , the Jesuit Migrant Service – Spain (SJM – Spain), has received $ 75,000 since George Soros’ founding in 2016 and $ 151,125 in 2018. “. Jesuits working in Pedro Sanchez’s Spain were also favored. And then the USA, with the Jesuit Worldwide Learning Higher Education at the Margins which is called into question for these figures: 410 thousand dollars two years ago and 890 thousand dollars four years ago. The feeling is that the two world views – the Jesuit and the Sorosian – are at least compatible. The “Church outgoing” of Pope francesco it is for the “last”. Refugees and migrants are among those. It could be explained in this way, but even in the Church there are those who see a plan to deconstruct the West. Jorge Mario Bergoglio it is for the “economic-existential peripheries“. And everything else? The question that comes from the right side of the Ecclesia is always this. Then yes: Pope Francis is a Jesuit. An element that lends itself and has lent itself to numerous examinations on the future of Catholicism. But this is another speech.

Multiculturalism cannot fail to be. The Sorosians think so and also many Jesuits. Father Artur Sosa, superior of the Society of Jesus, in 2019 came to talk about “multicultural face of God”. Not that the high consecrated men chosen by the pontiff during his reign see it so differently: the cardinals chosen for the last consistory they are all more or less in commoni from contrast to sovereignty. It’s the kind of church being promoted these days. The counterpoint, in the meantime, has faded somewhat. Pure Soros would be an abortionist. As well as Kamala Harris, the woman Democrat candidate Joe Biden chose as his vice president if he won in November. But the walls – the doctrinal obstacles – in this story just don’t exist anymore. The total funding received from Jesuit foundations exceeds one and a half million.

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