"The dead do not die", the Apocalypse according to Jarmusch


The dead do not die**

by Jim Jarmusch

American movie, 1 h 44

To launch its 72nd edition, the Cannes Film Festival has bet on Jim Jarmusch and his zombies. The American director, competing for the eighth time, is used to divert with more or less success the genre film (samurai in Ghost Dog, the vampires in Only lovers left alive). In The dead do not die Now released in theaters, he takes the classic Hollywood figure of the undead to deliver a funny and desperate vision of America Trump, yet failed to convince.

The poetry of the bus driver

If the dead are waking up in Centerville, a small Ohio town of 738 inhabitants, in the guise of some figures of the American counterculture such as singer Iggy Pop, it is that America has decided to practice the hydraulic fracture. at the poles. The consequence, strongly contested by the authorities, is that the earth has come out of its axis of rotation. Since then, the temporal and climatic disturbances are linked: the day has replaced the night, the apparatuses are disturbed, the animals take flight, and the dead leave the earth to feed on the living.

A nonchalant parable of a country running to ruin

Phenomena that astonish very little the duo of placid policemen, embodied by Bill Murray and Adam Driver, pillars of traditional America, who with phlegm and determination will try to do everything to protect their small community, knowing that any way " it's going to end badly As Agent Peterson repeats. He, unlike his boss read the script Of the film. In this nonchalant parable of a society and a country that runs towards its own end, zombies wake up to resume their individualistic habits, consume and find their mobile phone claiming their usual drug, "coffee", "chardonnay" or "wi-fi".

Once again Jim Jarmusch's offbeat and jocular humor is at work in this apocalyptic fable that plays with the codes of genre and cinematographic references, since all that is basically just cinema. Yet and perhaps because of this, the talk as comical and enjoyable as it is, turns quickly empty and the viewer is quickly lurking boredom.

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