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The death of the late Ramzi’s son in London And his sister inherits him with wailing words

(MENAFN – Al-Anbaa) The son of the late artist Ahmed Ramzi, Nawaf Ahmed Ramzi, died in London at the age of 41 and has special needs. He was born before 7 months, causing him health problems and handicaps. And problems in his brain.
The death of the son of the late artist Ahmed Ramzi

“I have received today the news of the death of my only brother, Nawaf Ahmed Ramzi in London … Nawaf in the minds of others human beings together, but in my calculations,” said Bakmin, her late brother Ramzi with influential words on Facebook, referring to her brother’s illness. He was an angel and a scribe .. Nawaf lost him as a dear and precious part of my soul and my father .. my father, who spent years of his life suffering and even his departure on my brother the innocent clean angel.

The death of the son of the late Ahmed Ramzi

“Nawaf, despite his health conditions and intellectual disability, was always among us with his angelic presence,” he said. “His gestures and eyes were the kind of love and tender compassion that words and letters did not translate.”
Akinam Ramzi crying her brother

“I missed my brother, who carried his pure message in the world and left it for us,” Pachinam said, expressing her deep sorrow at the death of her brother in exile. “I missed my brother Nawaf, who missed him and lost him. London .. away from us … but very close to my soul and my soul and my eyes, I missed the family of the family .. My brother Nawaf .. I missed the angel who was guarding our presence and we are accompanied .. It bore the features and features of the face of my father .. I was often I was commenting on him when we met … or when I was following the family photo album to check it to knock it almost like my father. ”

Pachinam Ahmed Ramzy

Nawaf, the son of the late artist who died in 2012 at the age of 82, is known for his love of living in London, especially for his health. The son was the closest to his late father’s father, His life.

It is noteworthy that Ahmed Ramzi was famous for the role of the filthy boy Dengwan Egyptian cinema, and the roles of handsome boy, and the owner of lightness, and participated in several films with the Arab Nightingale Abdul Halim Hafez, Ismail Yassin, Ahmed Mazhar, Abdul Fattah al-Qasri, also participated in the last years of his life A number of drama series, the most famous was the face of the moon with the lady of the Arabic screen Faten Hamama.


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