«The defendant abused, raped and killed Sara without his mother doing anything»

The public prosecutor of the open trial for the crime committed against the 4-year-old girl Sara, who died on August 3, 2017 in Valladolid, assured this Friday that the accused, who was a couple of the mother of the child, repeatedly mistreated the minor , he raped and killed her with blows, without the mother, also prosecuted, doing anything.

The representative of the Public Prosecutor's Office has presented her final report to the jury for more than an hour and forty minutes at the Audiencia, which will discuss the culpability of the mother of the girl, Davinia MG, and her sentimental partner, Roberto HH, for the which demands reviewable permanent prison.

The girl was "totally helpless and could not defend herself" -alevosia and therefore murder- in the face of the attacks she suffered on the part of the accused, who "hated the Romanians", which could have motivated her to act against the little girl, whose father is originally from from that country.

The mother of Sara – just an army officer – even if she only witnessed an isolated episode of mistreatment – she saw the accused give her capons when she peed and call her rumanilla – "she did become aware that her daughter was being mistreated and he did absolutely nothing », in addition to preventing the help of third parties who wanted to do so, he underlined.

"He played Russian roulette with his daughter," the prosecutor has expressed about the attitude of Davinia, who is not that she wanted the defendant to kill and rape the girl but "crossed her fingers" so that it would not happen because she knew it could happen and "he did nothing," he insisted.

He has argued in this regard, among other reasons, that as observed in the photographs of the autopsy of the girl, the girl had lesions of different ages, with bruises on the legs and arms throughout the body.

A mother bathes her 4-year-old daughter, saw her, "how could I not know that there was such abuse? It is impossible, "stressed the prosecutor, who recalled that the defendant does not suffer any mental illness and has an average intellectual quotient to low, with his intellective and volitional powers" intact. "

Davinia is "author by omission", a way of acting that criminal law punishes just like direct commission; He hid from everyone that Roberto H.H. and, "to mislead", he mentioned Sara's father as a possible abuser of her and of his daughters, at the same time that he said that he had already gone abroad.

That circumstance triggered that, days before Sara's death – two doctors warned of possible mistreatment on July 11 – the alarm of the public powers would go down because in theory the abuser that the defendant had pointed out was no longer with Sara.

Call for help to his mother
The same date in which the event occurred, when the minor was raped and received a beating with blows to the head that ended her life, the girl made a "call for help to her mother", "desperate", wanted the She took her to work with her, got up at 7:00 am and dressed herself, before which the defendant "continued to leave her in the hands of Roberto."

After recalling that Sara suffered a long month of abuse, in assessing the defendant's guilt the public prosecutor has listed the injuries that were detected in the girl, who suffered the "syndrome of the beaten child", as she suffered a "string" of blows on arms and legs before August 2, when she was raped and beaten on the head.

The defendant -ex-mechanic- did not want Sara's mother to take the child to the doctor, he was the only adult who was with her when she suffered injuries and also sexually assaulted her as the forensic experts found in the trial, he added.

He has supported his allegation that a skein of the girl's hair was found in the pants worn by the defendant to sleep and Roberto's biological remains were found on the girl's nails, which indicates that he tried to defend himself.

The prosecutor, at the end of his speech, has sued the jury a guilty verdict for the two defendants, not only for Sara, but also for those who wanted her and for Justice.

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