The defendant in the Stoka case reported to the office, the police were looking for him

“He himself came because he found out he was in the database of missing persons,” the spokeswoman said. He allegedly moved around the republic, had his cell phone switched off, was not detained anywhere. The search for Hos was announced by the police on November 3.

The Stoka case is now in the Regional Court in Brno, alleged corruption at the Brno-střed town hall. It should be bribes in the tens of millions of crowns. In the case, 11 people and two companies are indicted, including the former politician for the YES movement, Jiří Švachula.

Hos is also one of the defendants, he has been a long-term representative in the Brno-sever district. He denied the guilt in court. He stated that he did not accept or pass on any bribes and did not commit any crime.

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