The demanding exercise routine of Florencia de la Ve: weights, jumps and outdoor cycling

Far from the confinement that the pandemic forced her to maintain during the Social isolation, Florence of the Ve He resumed physical exercise and took advantage of the sunny days to do his routine with weights and the faithful company of his friend, the fashion consultant Fabian Medina Flores.

With the aim of continuing to take care of her figure and prepare for the summer, the driver made the decision to strengthen her muscles in the open air with the help of a coach who prepares her classes from Monday to Friday every morning in the Bosques de Palermo.

In addition, to reinforce her lifestyle, Flor attends and leaves the place by bicycle to add extra time to her day with pure energy that she shares with the panelist of The fashion cage (Monday to Friday at 7 p.m. City Magazine) to feel good and lead a healthy life.

Look at the photos of City that shows Flower of the Ve doing your demanding exercise routine!

Photos: Movilpress.


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