The director of the film I enjoy the world with you: MRTVICE IS PRISONER IN THE HOUSE …

She last directed the film Kiss as a Devil in 2012. Four years later, a still vital and healthy Maria was brought to her knees by a stroke. “Ever since Mrs. Poledňáková collapsed, we only saw her a few times. And not at all for the last two years, “the inhabitant of Nebušice told us. There, Poledňáková lives in a small villa where the disease “imprisoned” her.

“As soon as it happened to her, her son built an elevator from the garden to the first floor,” she describes. Son Petr also lives in the house with his mother, who was partially paralyzed due to a stroke. “She takes great care of her, and from what I’ve heard, a caregiver comes to the house,” comments a woman from the neighborhood.

Film by Marie Poledňáková: Take a look at the samples!

It is said that the famous author no longer uses the elevator much, she spends most of her time in her room or moves around the house on the first floor. We called her son Petr Poledňák and asked if the popular director could wish our readers and her fans a Merry Christmas, for example through him. “Don’t get mad, but you really can’t,” he replied.

After the stroke, the filmmaker paralyzed half of her body. “My left leg and left hand are not listening to me. I have to rehabilitate and the exercise hurts, “Marie Poledňáková told Dnes magazine in 2016.

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Collapse in the cottage

The queen of comedies suffered a stroke in the summer of 2016. At home in the cottage, she was found by a neighbor, with whom she originally wanted to go mushroom picking. From the village of Martinice near Onšov in the Vysočina region, the director was transported by helicopter to the Central Military Hospital in Střešovice, Prague. In 2018, the family crime Christmas comedy The One Who Loved You based on the theme of Poledňáková entered cinemas. But the film had to be made and the screenplay was written by director Jan Pachl.


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