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The director of the Gendarmerie seems disappointed with the choice of the Leon Cupra

When the Ministry of the Interior places an order for a fleet of vehicles for the police, the choice of a foreign brand brings its share of criticism and controversy. Because it has been a long time since Police and Gendarmerie no longer necessarily drive with Citroëns, Peugeot and Renault. Over the past 20 years, Ford has won several big bids, and we’ve even seen Skodas land.

Last foreign brand which has been favored by the Gendarmerie: Seat. The Leon Cupra was in fact chosen to replace part of the Mégane RS. 17 copies of the Spanish will be delivered before the end of 2020. And this therefore caused a reaction, the subject inviting himself to hearing of General Christian Rodriguez, Director General of the Gendarmerie, by the Defense Committee at the National Assembly in early October.

Yannick Favennec Becot, Modem deputy of Mayenne, thus shared “his disappointment in choosing a Catalan vehicle”. After recalling the French vehicles that were chosen as a rapid intervention model, including the current Mégane RS, but also the Alpine A110, the Citroën SM or the Peugeot 405 T16 (but skipping the Subaru Impreza), he indicated than “the choice could have been the new Alpine A110 or the Peugeot 308 RC” (which does not exist, because it is the 308 GTI).

General Christian Rodriguez explained that the choice of the Leon Cupra is the result of a call for tenders and “with the markets we do not do what we want”. Clearly, there is a compulsory call for competition. But the boss of the Gendarmerie said, addressing the deputy “I had the same reaction as you when I discovered, late in fact, that we had Seat Cupra”, therefore not hiding a disappointment in the choice of a Spanish car.

Renault did take part in the call for tenders with its latest Mégane RS. But according to information from Figaro, the French compact (which is manufactured … in Spain) has been penalized by a large penalty. General Christian Rodriguez has also said that it was very likely that another call for tenders would be launched soon to have hybrid motor vehicles, only 17 Seats having been ordered while there are about fifty Mégane RS to be replaced. On the French side, Peugeot has just presented its 508 PSE, for example.

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