The discard of Barcelona by the arrival of Griezmann


In the end Barcelona is going to do with Griezmann this summer, after the player rejected the offer a year ago. But the Atletico drought and the collapse of Barcelona in Liverpool have approached positions.

Now we have to make room for it.

Coutinho: He's going to go, because his performance has been far below what was expected and has not penetrated the Barcelona fan. They wanted it to be the new Iniesta and it has not been possible.

Luis Suarez It would not be a surprise if the Uruguayan left the team. The arrival of Griezmann diminishes his role and his bad season in Champions, where he has not found a goal, plays against him. In favor, Messi would not like his departure.

Dembélé. He has not played everything he wanted and with the arrival of his compatriot he can find himself again with difficulties to be a starter. If you see that Luis Suarez continues you can look for an exit.

Malcom. Another footballer that has not turned out. His role in Barcelona has been secondary. The arrival of Griezmann relegates him even more.


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