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The discomfort between Barça players and executives moves to the basketball section

by drbyos

The Barça basketball team is beginning to resign itself to accepting the ERTO proposed by the Barça club. After receiving the first reports with distress, a conversation between Josep Maria Bartomeu and Nikola Mirotic had unblocked the situation.

The basketball players were upset when they heard the news almost at the same time as the news media, and they felt that it was a grumble for the executives to make the decision, while their teammates of football was President Bartomeu the interlocutor with the intention of negotiating the fringes of the measure. As he explains Sports World, Mirotic, the big star of the basketball project, called Bartholomew to express his upset. Following this conversation, the winger decided that he would take the pay cut and moved his decision to other teammates, which prompted them to follow suit. The player, however, denies it. “It is not true! I have never talked to the president about it and nobody has pushed me to accept it. It was my own decision to support the club at this time,” he announced on Twitter.

“The leaks or manipulations that attempt to break locker rooms are not welcome here. We are together in these difficult times for everyone,” said Pau Ribas. “I don’t know who leaks things that are only talked about by a WhatsApp group of players and respective club bosses, but the only reason I can see there is that you want to destroy the team. you will be left without a computer, “assured Alex Abrines through social networks. Pierre Oriola, second captain of the squad, retweeted his message.

Announcement during negotiation

Barca’s announcement came as negotiations were still underway with the players of the first football team that part of the pay would be cut. The management and the staff have been negotiating these days different formulas, without success. A case that takes even more to the limit the already complicated relationship between the offices and the dressing room.

The proposal of the directive to all professional sections (men’s and women’s football, basketball, handball, futsal and roller hockey) was a 70% reduction in salary for the duration of the alarm period, taking into account a ERTO with reduced working hours. First-team footballers did not accept it and proposed a cut of 30% of their salary throughout the season.


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