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The divorce of Mona Zaki and Ahmed Helmy stuns their only daughter, “Li Li”.. You will not expect what she said?

Social networking sites have witnessed a state of controversy during the past few days, after circulating news of the divorce of the artist Mona Zaki from her husband, the artist Ahmed Helmy, due to the crisis of her controversial movie “Friends and Dearest”.

The word “Divorce Mona Zaki” topped the search words for the artist Mona Zaki and the audience’s search for “Divorce Mona Zaki” after the many criticisms leveled at her because of her participation in the movie “Dearest Friends”, and her appearance in a scene taking off her underwear, which disturbed her fans a lot, according to site in art.

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A week after the screening of the movie “The Companions and My Dear Ones” on the Netflix electronic platform, Li Ahmed Helmy expressed her outrage at the rumors of her mother’s divorce, artist Mona Zaki.

And she told me: Fear God and let each one of them be alone.. Mama and Papa love each other and continue to the end of life, God willing.

She confirmed that she is honored that she is the daughter of the artist Mona Zaki and the artist Ahmed Helmy, and that their long artistic history calls for pride and pride, in addition to the fact that those who criticize her mother are a few of the patients, who only follow the trend.

And she added to me my dream: Look at the first movie and keep following, and I hope you don’t get hurt, Mama is a great artist who knows her limits well, and she is far from blackmail, and her artistic history is pure white and she has not had a scene since she began to be ashamed of it.

The artist, Mona Zaki, continued her position not to respond to any criticism leveled at her from the audience through her official accounts on social networking sites, only to celebrate the success of her film, expressing her pleasure to work with everyone who participated in the film, whether in front of the cameras, or behind them, in addition to the producing network. for work.

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