Friday, 18 Jan 2019

The divorce of Rudy Giuliani is becoming ugly: the lawyer of his wife claims to have spent $ 12,000 in cigars since April

Apparently, the practice is not perfect – at least not for former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, whose third divorce, this one from the 15-year-old wife, Judith, arrives at the finger pointing phase.

A Judith Giuliani lawyer reportedly told a New York court on Wednesday that the former mayor, now a lawyer for President Trump, is demanding poverty while spending huge sums of money. The lawyer of former Judith Nathan (her third divorce too) presented staggering figures: $ 12,000 worth of cigars? $ 7,000 on fountain pens?

Court records claim that Rudy Giuliani, 74, has spent nearly US $ 900,000 since April, or US $ 286,532 for his alleged mistress, Maria Rosa Ryan; $ 447,938 "for your own pleasure"; and $ 165,165 in travel expenses, according to the local NBC affiliate in New York.

Meanwhile, Hizzoner claimed to have seen his salary go down, which his wife's lawyer would have suggested not having accepted to represent without Trump.

The open-air fight at the hearing even left the judge wondering why the couple would not behave more discreetly. "It's beyond me why this is done publicly … throwing everything away [your] dirty laundry for consumption, "said Judge Michael Katz, by NBC.


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