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The doctor called herbs to enhance immunity

Elena Lesiovskaya, a researcher at the Institute of Toxicology of the FMBA, told which herbs strengthen the immune system and make it harder for the virus to enter the body.

– I can list a few offhand: all astragals; sage, Melissa officinalis, leaves of common badger, leaves of common lingonberry, black elderberry flowers, peel of pomegranate fruit, Icelandic moss, mullein, calendula in the form of tinctures, ordinary viburnum bark, Chinese magnolia vine seeds, big burdock roots, – pointed out Elena Lesiovskaya.

These herbs are sold in Russian pharmacies and they have a positive effect in the treatment of viral diseases.

The specialist noted that herbs are effective at the initial stage of treatment or for prevention. They should be taken as infusions – pour one tablespoon of grass with boiling water and leave in a thermos for an hour. You can drink as tea or add to regular tea.

According to Lesiovsky, small concentrations of these medicinal plants are enough to prevent infection, writes MK.

As reported by Kuban News, the doctor Marlene Kaplan from New York hospital spoke about the dangers of alcoholic beverages with COVID-19. The doctor said that drinking alcohol during an illness is only an additional burden on the liver.

– Yes, taking alcohol inside disinfects your mouth and maybe your throat, but this is the only area of ​​disinfection. Alcohol will not sanitize your lungs, ”said Marlene Kaplan.

According to the doctor, the new coronavirus, like other diseases, puts a strain on all organs.


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