The doctor named people more likely to be re-infected with COVID-19 :: Society :: RBC

People with weakened immune systems can be re-infected with coronavirus, reported “Evening Moscow” immunologist-allergist Vladimir Bolibok.

“People fell ill again in the case of serious illnesses that worsen the functioning of the immune system, with oncology, taking immunosuppressants. But these are drops in the sea, fractions of a percent of the total number of those who have been ill, ”he explained.

If a person has already had COVID-19, but was in contact with an infected person, then, according to the doctor, he may become an asymptomatic carrier of the infection for some time. Contact with an infected person will not harm the person who has recovered, but, on the contrary, will maintain post-infectious immunity, Bolibok noted. Thus, in the event of repeated contact with the coronavirus, the protective system is triggered, preventing infection.

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Those who have already had an infection develop antibodies: for example, class M antibodies persist for a short time, for eight weeks, class A – for four to six months, class G – for years, the doctor said. He believes that the latter developed in those who were infected in China in December. However, Bolibok did not rule out mutations of the coronavirus – in this case, the already developed antibodies will not help.


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