The driver covered the license plate with paper and endangered others on the D1 motorway

At the time of the announcement, the man was moving his car on the 82nd kilometer of the D1 motorway. The operations officer immediately gave the order to the nearest patrols. One of them waited for the vehicle to pass at the 90th kilometer in the direction of Brno. Police signaled to follow and stopped the car in the parking lot at 95.8 kilometers. “They invited drivers to submit the documents needed for the operation and driving of the vehicle,” said police spokeswoman Dana Čírtková.

The man in the car was traveling alone. The police searched the vehicle carefully and found that a paper candy wrapper was tucked into the back door of the luggage compartment in the plastic frame where the registration plate is located. This significantly reduced the legibility of the registration plate.

“This paper cover was firmly inserted into the frame, so it was impossible for it to get behind the plastic frame spontaneously while the vehicle was driving,” said Dana Čírtková. The driver committed an offense, which the police could not solve on the spot by imposing a fine. “The offender was documented by the police and handed over for discussion to the locally competent administrative body of the municipality with extended powers,” added Čírtková.


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