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The eight-cylinder Defender will offer 525 horsepower!

Let’s say the most important thing straight away. Defender has a compressor-supercharged eight-cylinder V8 with a volume of 5.0 liters, which gives the car 525 hp and a torque of 625 Nm. In combination with an eight-speed transmission and all-wheel drive, it accelerates to 100 in 5.2 seconds and drives 240 km / h. Decent, isn’t it?

To be clear, Land Rover customers simply want the best, and this eight-cylinder Defender is the right thing for them. This engine is well known from the other powerful models of the Jaguar Land Rover consortium and will be offered in both the short three-door body of the 90 model and the longer five-door model 110.

Photo: Land Rover

Dignified engine and interior

But of course it’s not just about installing a new engine. Land Rover has tuned springs and adaptive shock absorbers and added larger stabilizers. An optional electronic active rear differential is now standard and features a new Yaw Controller that fine-tunes the vehicle’s cornering capabilities. The Terrain Response system now also includes the Dynamic program, which provides a sharper response to the throttle and, of course, has a major impact on the suspension. The music is then hardened by a specially tuned exhaust pipe.

You can reliably recognize the eight-cylinder model at first sight by the gray 22-inch wheels and blue brake calipers. Only three color variants are available: Carpathian gray, Yulong white and Santorini black, all in combination with the Narvik Black black roof. In the interior, the steering wheel is covered with Alcantara, the seats are in Ebony Windsor leather and the shift paddles are made of matt chrome.

“The 5-liter supercharged V8 engine further enhances the unique character of the Defender,” said Iain Gray, senior manager of Powertrain Advanced Engineering at Jaguar Land Rover. “It sounds fantastic, delivers incredible performance, and provides a new level of appeal. Our technical focus has been to optimize the Defender powertrain calibration to provide both responsive road performance and smooth off-road handling, all without compromising on throughput or wading. ”

We will not reveal the price of the Land Rover Defender V8 to you yet, but the basic price of the best X design in combination with a three-liter engine, which starts at over CZK 2.6 million, could be a guide.


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