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The electric car is a powerbank in Trondheim

ABB is part of a pioneering pilot with the electric car as powerbank in Trondheim. The pilot is part of the EU’s smart city project “Positive City Exchange” to create plus city solutions in the capital of Trønder.

In the pilot, electric car owners can use their own electricity or sell at high spot prices. Solutions and experiences are shared free of charge with other municipalities.

The initiative in Trondheim involves the municipality, a car sharing service, local energy company, real estate companies, supplier of energy trading solution, and ABB. It is part of the EU’s major investment in plus city solutions in Trondheim, “Positive City Exchange”, where the goal is to show how districts can become energy positive.

The new pilot project will demonstrate how the battery in electric cars can be an extra resource beyond being an energy carrier for emission-free transport.

In two of the districts that are part of the EU’s plus city project, Brattøra and Sluppen, ABB chargers have been installed that both charge the electric car and supply electricity back to the grid, so-called two-way charging (Vehicle-to-Grid, V2G). The electric car thus becomes a powerbank that can contribute to balancing the power grid and cutting power peaks.

ABB in pioneering pilot with the electric car as powerbank in Trondheim. Photo: Trondheim municipality

Important for tomorrow’s energy systems

– Great credit to Trondheim municipality for running this groundbreaking pilot project. We look forward to a continued fruitful collaboration and are proud of what we have achieved so far in the plus city project together with the municipality and other partners, says Per Erik Holsten, CEO of ABB in Norway in a press release.

– The car as a power bank can have great significance for tomorrow’s energy systems, grid development and security of supply when it is scaled up, he believes.

The two-way chargers at Brattøra and Sluppen are seamlessly integrated with an overall energy management system from ABB, which is also connected to the power grid, central operation control in buildings and other electricity consumers in the districts, to optimize energy flow. A trading solution for buying and selling electricity is also part of the technical solution.

– It is incredibly rewarding and exciting to be part of a groundbreaking work like this. Two-way charging will be important in the future with far more electric cars in the market, says project manager for the plus city project in Trondheim municipality, Bjørn Ove Berthelsen.

A baby egg

He believes the technology is a Kinderegg, which can contribute to green shift and increased sustainability by solving current or future bottlenecks in the power grid with dynamic balancing, while electric car owners have the opportunity to use or sell their own electricity when spot prices are high.

– But perhaps the best of all: As part of an EU project, we can share solutions and experiences free of charge with other municipalities and public bodies, Berthelsen says.

Currently, Nissan’s electric cars, Hyundai Ionic 5 and KIA EV6 maintain the battery warranty when the battery is charged via two-way chargers. It is expected that more car manufacturers will offer this in the future.

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