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Unknown abducted a Russian from the ship Rio Mitong in the Gulf of Guinea and two more from another ship

Port in Malabo

(Photo: Embassy of Equatorial Guinea / Flickr)

Pirates attacked a Rio Mitong cargo ship in the Gulf of Guinea and kidnapped a Russian, the Russian Embassy said on its Instagram page.

“As a result, pirates abducted one Russian, two citizens of the Russian Federation were injured and are being treated at La Paz hospital,” the publication said. The TASS interlocutor at the embassy said that the Russians are in the Malabo hospital, the capital of Equatorial Guinea.

The embassy did not answer RBC calls.

Information about the attack appeared the night before, the portal Dryad Global reported. According to him, unidentified persons landed on a Rio Mitong vessel from a high-speed boat and abducted two crew members – citizens of Russia and Ukraine.

Ukraine is checking information about the abduction of its citizen, director of the consular service department of the country’s Foreign Ministry, Sergei Pogoreltsev, told UNIAN.


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