The end of professional connections in China. Microsoft will close a huge social network

Complying with Chinese standards is becoming more and more challenging for us, the American company Microsoft said today. It announced the blocking of the LinkedIn social network, which will no longer be available to Chinese users. “We are facing a significantly more demanding operating environment and stricter requirements from China,” said Linkedin Vice President Mohak Shroff in a statement today.

In March, a Chinese Internet regulator asked LinkedIn to better moderate content and give it a 30-day deadline, according to The Wall Street Journal. The British BBC then warns that the official announcement comes after the platform faced questions about blocking the profiles of some journalists, including the American presenter of Chinese origin Melissa Chan and the American journalist Greg Bruno. According to the social network, they distributed “prohibited content” on their accounts.

“I am appalled that the American technology company is giving in to the demands of a foreign government that intends to control access to information,” Bruno previously commented on blocking his account. According to him, LinkedIn prioritizes profit over the truth. U.S. Sen. Rick Scott called the move “an act of submission to Communist China.”

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a professional social network that was founded in 2002 by Reid Hoffman. In 2016, the network was taken over by Microsoft. She paid $ 26.2 billion (631 billion crowns) for it.

Among other things, Microsoft plans to present a new version of InJobs later this year. However, the application will not allow the publication or sharing of articles and will be designed exclusively for job and staff searches. Regardless of the current situation, it will also be made available to the Chinese.

LinkedIn was the only Western social platform operating in China. Twitter and Facebook have been banned in the country for more than ten years, and since 2010 Google has also been blocked in the country. After entering the local market in 2014, the LinkedIn platform stated that it did not agree with censorship in the country. However, it has committed itself to complying with the rules on Internet use in China.


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