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The eSports tournament is about $ 40,000

The developer of “Stardew Valley” has announced that it will make the farming game an eSports title. Teams are slated to fight for $ 40,000 on September 4th.

the essentials in brief

  • Youtubers and streamers will fight for $ 40,000 at the Stardew Valley Cup.
  • The developer of the popular indie game announced this on Twitter.
  • The eSports tournament will take place on September 4th and will be broadcast live on Twitch.

The indie hit game “Stardew Valley becomes competitive. In a tweet, the developer announced that an official tournament will take place on September 4th. Players will grow vegetables, clear forests and fish for $ 40,000.

What is certain is that the game is not a classic eSports title like “Call of Duty” or “League of Legends”. The retro-looking farming simulator is usually better known as a leisurely game that is easy to switch off. It was also more difficult to find a suitable rating system.

The organizers, developers ConcernedApe and Streamer UnsurpassableZ, finally decided on a points system with 100 tasks. The challenges give a different number of points depending on the level of difficulty. The players will compete in four teams of four in multiplayer mode.

The “Stardew Valley” Cup is supposed to take place on September 4th. A live broadcast, commented by the game developer personally, is available on the Twitch streaming platform. Well-known community members and streamers such as SharkyGames, Matthew McCleskey and lilsimise will take part.

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