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The Euro 7 emission standard has killed petrol and diesel cars

Millions of drivers will find themselves in a dire situation with this move. The European Commission has hammered another nail into the coffin, it’s only getting worse and worse.

Two more years and the EU will give us a new standard, Euro 7 scheduled for 2025. In addition to other mandatory mandatory criteria for new cars, it also introduces switching driving mode. This means that if the system decides that “green” driving is not possible, the petrol or diesel engine will simply not start.

When the EU decides, the car will not start!

For a more realistic idea, imagine that you want to go to work like every day, you get in the car, but it will not start. Not because the battery is dead, not because the starter is broken. Simply because, according to the system, you cannot drive eco-friendly. You will go to work in hitchhiking with a happier driver or on a shared electric scooter. The EU thinks and decides for you! How about the rain and you’re in a formal suit.

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This is not a scene from a post-apocalyptic film. Not a loose continuation of Mad Max and Eco-Horror Union subtitles. If new emission standards are adopted in accordance with the European Commission’s recommendations, an official in Brussels will decide on each of your trips. In addition, the car will be under such supervision throughout its life cycle, imagine what it will do to the used cars.

Only electric vehicles meet the requirements

Unfortunately, this is not only a gloomy vision of the future, but a real threat. If the new Euro 7 emission standard is adopted in accordance with the European Commission’s recommendations, Brussels will decide on your next trip. Worse, the car must controlled throughout its life cycle. When someone realizes how the car’s condition has changed, or more precisely, deteriorated over time, it can happen that your twelve-year-old station wagon simply refuses to start one morning.

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Only an electric vehicle can meet the specified requirements. On a theoretical level. However, it is already clear that this is a tailor-made policy. Cars and internal combustion engines are supposed to suppress, electric cars, regardless of whether it makes sense, are given the green light. Another example – the hybrid system will switch to pure electric mode according to the instructions, and the driver will do absolutely nothing about it. The TDI simply shuts off or does not start. Do you want that?

Is it over? Yes, this is the real end of the cars …

Car manufacturers must realize that it is impossible to meet these strict rules with internal combustion engines. However, the EU does not take this into account and insists that Europe would be without emissions by 2050. Gasoline and diesel cars will drive from the Urals to the east, but we will wait to see if the control unit will be nice to allow we go to the hospital with a child with a fever.

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