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Measures on the external borders of the EU should be mitigated after the gradual removal of restrictions on movement within the Union itself is carried out, the European Commission noted

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Continuing restrictions on travel to Schengen countries for residents of non-European countries will reduce the risks of coronavirus spreading in the EU, the European Commission said in a recommendation to EU member states to extend the temporary ban on entry “on non-essential trips” until June 15.

“While a number of EU states and some countries associated with Schengen have begun to mitigate measures to combat the pandemic, the situation remains unstable both in Europe and around the world. Maintaining measures at external borders is necessary in order to reduce the risks of the spread of the disease due to trips to the EU, ”the document says.

The European Commission noted that the previously adopted “road map” implies a phased removal of restrictions on movement within the EU, after which, at the second stage, it will be possible to begin to mitigate measures already at the external borders of the union.

Macron announced the closure of the entrance to Schengen on March 17

Emmanuel Macron

Entrance to the countries of the Schengen zone, as well as to the European Union, was restricted for foreigners in mid-March. Crossing the EU border is only allowed for those with an urgent reason (such as a funeral or subpoena), a residence permit or a long-term visa.

In mid-April, the European Commission issued a joint roadmap for European countries to phase out restrictions. According to it, the EU member states should weaken the antiviral measures taken, guided by the statistics on incidence, as well as taking into account the willingness to accept new patients and the introduction of mass testing.

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