The exceptional solidarity aid will be paid on November 27

On October 14, 2020, the President of the Republic announced the payment of a new Exceptional Solidarity Aid (AES), to families, to the most modest people and to young people under 25:

• Households benefiting from active solidarity income (Rsa) or solidarity income (Rso) and beneficiaries of certain aids paid by Pôle emploi (specific solidarity allowance (Ass), flat-rate premium for resumption of activity or retirement equivalent allowance ), will perceive an aid of 150 euros, to which are added 100 euros additional per dependent child;

• Families with child (ren) benefiting from housing assistance (Alf) will receive assistance from 100 euros per dependent child;

• Young people under 25 (apprentices, salaried students or non-students) who receive housing assistance will receive assistance from 150 euros.

The payment of this aid will intervene from November 27, 2020 and will be automatic once the beneficiary has benefited from one of these services in September or October.

This aid should concern approximately 141,000 households and 159,000 children for an amount of almost 33 million euros.

All information is available on by clicking here


The beneficiaries concerned do not need to take any action, they can simply check that their bank details are registered or up to date on in their “My Account” area, under “View or modify my profile”.
Beneficiary benefit recipients are informed by mail, email or sms.

Note: if the beneficiary lives with a partner, only one aid is paid per household, once.


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