The excesses of Epa Colombia at the El Dorado Airport

It is worth noting that recently the Bogota woman was the center of various comments on social networks, this is because she decided to use the question tool on Instagram Stories, her followers took the opportunity to challenge her in various circumstances, some very funny, others quite unpleasant.

In the video compendium, there is a part in which an Internet user asks her to eat her dog’s food with milk, she takes the food and begins to serve it in a bowl with milk, “Oh! They look like fruit loops! ”, She begins to eat with a spoon, but the disgust she feels when she sees his face is remarkable, after a short time she begins to return it amid retching.

Another follower challenged her: “Put your head in the toilet for ten seconds”, then Epa Colombia appears in her bathroom ready to show that she has no scruples of any kind, she stands on the toilet and succeeds.

“Eat an egg”, they also asked her in the middle of the round, she breaks a raw egg and serves it in a glass cup, however, this time she was not able, she tried to swallow it, but ended up returning it to the point of vomiting .

Likewise, an Internet user asked her: “Friend, run around the neighborhood that you are finally leaving”, then she appears walking through the streets of her neighborhood shouting: “Neighbors, I am going to tell you!”


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