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The expert on lies appreciated Kim Jong-un’s entry into the people

“At a meeting with Putin, Kim Jong-un didn’t open his mouth and did not squint his eyes”

– I compared last year’s meeting with Kim Jong-un with Putin and his earlier meeting with Donald Trump. Changes are visible to the naked eye. At that time, the DPRK leader looked more cheerful, says the profiler. – Let’s look at the latest video. The most striking changes are observed at the moment when Kim Jong-un cuts the red ribbon, then raises his head, at that moment his left eye is very squinted.

Earlier in meetings with the president of Russia, his eyes were not squinted. In the same video with the ribbon, Kim Jong-un seems lost, goes and sways slightly, as if he is holding himself in order not to stumble.

When he turns to pick up the scissors, then he stops, he drifts a little, his movements are inhibited. Not quite confident on his feet.

Another strange phenomenon is that his mouth is constantly open. It is evident that he is worried. Again, at the meeting with Putin, he was also very nervous, but he didn’t open his mouth like that.

When he brought the scissors to the ribbon, his movements were unnatural, it was noticeable that he was not good enough. By all means trying to maintain balance. A year ago, he had completely different movements, more smooth and gait – much more confident.

In the next video, where people applaud him, Kim Jong-un is already a little cheered up, in any case, no oddities are noticeable, except that the pose is again a little unnatural. Well, when he starts to wave his hand, he again squints his left eye. Maybe his pressure jumped? But this is a question for doctors.

I do not see the video editing.

In the remaining shots, the gait of the North Korean leader is swaying. He was much more confident with Putin. And the wrinkles on his face now increased.

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