The expert urgently warns of the third wave

An expert warns of a third corona wave and is causing great concern. You will learn from us what causes this and whether we can prevent it.

The whole world is currently being overwhelmed by the second corona wave, which has driven many countries into another lockdown. The advances in the development of the Covid vaccine offer a small glimmer of hope, but new expert statements already give rise to fear of another corona wave.

Does the yo-yo effect also exist in the pandemic?

Stefan Kluge is Head of Intensive Care Medicine at the University Hospital in Hamburg (UKE) and although we haven’t even overcome the second wave, he is already warning of a third.

He fears that the loosening of the security measures could lead to a yo-yo effect and thus trigger another wave. So is Merkel’s tightening of the corona lockdown the better choice?

With easing, people become more careless, but herd immunity through vaccination still takes. Marko Geber@Getty Images

Our greatest enemies: winter and discipline

Compared to the Hamburger Abendblatt the expert explains that the long period of the pandemic has made people more careless. If easing were now enforced, he fears another sharp increase in the number of cases.

In addition, the currently low temperatures would favor such a development. The period between the first and the second wave was significantly longer because of the summer. In winter, however, people spend more time indoors.

The next ten days are crucial

According to Stefan Kluge, the only way to prevent a third wave is a high degree of discipline, not just over a few days or weeks, but over the next few months.

According to the expert, it will be decided in the next ten days whether the “small positive signals” that are emerging in the current development will continue to improve or worsen again.

No breath for doctors and nurses

There are still no signs of a shortage of beds and ventilators in the UKE’s intensive care unit, but if the situation worsens, this could change very quickly.

Because not only intensive care reserves are needed, but also doctors and nurses, who have been reaching their limits in this pandemic for a long time, so that employees have to be activated again from their retirement.

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