The expert was accused of bias by the Prosecutor in the case of the Malaysian “Boeing”

On the court in the Hague prosecutors do not use verified information

In absentia in the Hague on trial four members of the Donetsk obtain, including byvshego the DPR defense Minister, Russian citizen Igor Girkin (strelkov). When conclusive evidence in case is not, for example, the American pictures from space, allegedly recorded the starting place anti-aircraft missiles, or data from Ukrainian radars on the air situation at the time of the tragedy over Donetsk region in the course are the arguments of another kind. Let’s call them izmyshlizmy.

One of these prosecutorial shenanigans drew the attention of the specialist in the field of technical expertise Gennady Poluyan.

In one of his diatribes Girkin Prosecutor Thijs Berger said the following (quote resource “”): “Sometimes the way the suspects publicly deny their role is also important. July 28, 2014, Girkin gave a press conference stating that he is not responsible for the Downing of MH17, because in his possession was not “Beech”. It was a remarkable statement, because at that time — eleven days after the crash of MH17 — has not yet been established that the rocket was fired “Buk”. At that time there were many rumors of fighter jets and other reasons. The confidence with which Girkin already points to a missile “Buk” 28 Jul 2014, raises questions”.

Yes, that really there to be modest – raises questions. Speak plainly, is the desire in whatever was to sue!

Like, it turns out that the Prosecutor caught the leader of the militia in the word, and that kind of split. The first said the magic word “Buk”, though none of his language is not pulled. But first you?

It turns out that the Dutch Prosecutor had missed. Even if, as they say, “googled” the question. And it turned out funny.

Know who first said the word “Buk” after the tragedy in the skies over South-photoscom Ukraine? Top leaders of Ukraine

After a few hours after the disaster they are the first(!) began to call the kind of murder weapon – a Buk missile system.

After only an hour after the tragedy on the application settings “Beech” anti-aircraft declared the Ukrainian side in the person of Secretary of the security Council natsionalnoy A. Lysenko. His statement still can be found in YouTube.

Lysenko, by the way, did not fail to mention that all Ukrainian combat planes are safe.

The same evening, 17 July, 18:27, on the website this message appears: “adviser to the interior Minister Arsen Avakov Anton Gerashchenko confirmed that passenger Boeing 777 was shot down by terrorists in the Donetsk region of the missile complex “Buk”.

Later on the resource there is yet another statement of the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko: “Putin! You and your cronies did not escape from the international Tribunal! This photo contrail left after launch missiles SAM “Buk”.

And this is only the beginning. Following this, only lazy people in Kiev and in the West screaming about “bouquet” and militias. Is it any wonder that answering the question of journalist, “new York times”, Girkin 11 days after the tragedy, denied these allegations.

But prosecutors in the Netherlands are surprised. And even build on your ignorance of the charges.

The claims of prosecutors that the Gunners themselves unmasked, referring to the “Buk” in its response, despite the fact that at that “time there were many rumors of fighter jets and other reasons” are false, because immediately after the accident Ukraine has accused the militia is “Beech” on the “Boeing”, the expert believes Gennady Poluyan.

Presumably, Dutch prosecutors scour all the performances of their accused. All of a sudden the something else said it first. It is much more important than to ask a direct question: so why is Kiev not closed airspace for civil zametov over the zone of hostilities, he was shot down several planes and helicopters of the Ukrainian army?

Or this question: why Dutch authorities allowed the airline to transport the citizens of the Netherlands and the Dutch taking off from the airport, to fly a dangerous route?

Well, in terms of who first said something, maybe prosecutors will be interested in the statement of the then President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, who a few days before the tragedy with “Boeing” after the breakdown of peace negotiations with the rebel republics, openly declared that he had prepared a plan “B”. Maybe he meant “B” – “Boeing” or “B” “Book”?

Or just plan “B” is the use of the army against the civilian population, which led to the killing of more than 10 thousand people, including the elderly, women, children? This, incidentally, is 30 times more than died in the tragedy with “Boeing”.

That would be something to ask the prosecutors of the Hague. Or never before?

According to Gennady poluyana, prosecutors in the Hague “to such an extent biased, that does not hesitate to sell to both the judges and the lawyers outright lie”.

Such confidence can only be based on the fact that the lawyers of one of accused will cross-check and refute the blatant prosecutorial lies. Like the lawyers were prosecutors able to surprise and exposed the false arguments, said Gennai Poluyan.


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