The extreme decision of Luis Núñez in prison

“I am starting an indefinite liquid hunger strike, for having been in preventive detention for 7 months, being innocent of what I am accused of. I have not killed anyone, I have not shot anyone and I have not threatened anyone. Since they happened The facts began an investigation that has been going on for 23 months, of which I have been detained for 7 months and where the Prosecutor’s Office has not yet taken the testimony of eyewitnesses …

I can no longer bear my anguish and despair of being deprived of freedom being innocent. My family is in another country facing the pandemic and the only way they have managed to survive has been by selling part of our heritage, which we had ready to change our lives and give my daughters studies. The same assets that I have been forced to use to solve the expenses related to this process, and by this I mean lawyers, parcels, visits and more. All of this harming my family and me for something I didn’t do …

The mistake I made was to leave the country to change my life and not live what I live unjustly today. The only thing I demand is that this be finished in order to prove my innocence ”.

That is part of the letter that Luis Núñez delivered to the Gendarmería to start a hunger strike after seven months in detention in the High Security Prison. La Cuarta had access to the discharges of the former soccer player, who is accused of participating in a homicide that occurred in La Legua in 2018.

The former UC flyer alleges innocence in this case and after being a fugitive from justice, he was arrested in February in Bolivia.


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