The facts behind the accident case Ayla hit CBR 1000RR ends peacefully, the victim is poor and refuses to be compensated – A traffic accident between a Daihatsu Ayla car and a Honda CBR 1000 RR SP motorbike occurred on Jalan HR Bunyamin, Purwokerto, Banyumas, Central Java.

The incident that occurred on Tuesday (11/17/2020) afternoon caused a big motorbike rider (moge) named Dimas Prasetyahani (25) to be injured and his arm broke a bone.

The motorbike he was riding on was also damaged after being dragged up to six meters.

However, the case has now ended peacefully and the motorbike driver also refused to be offered compensation for the car and house by the hit man.

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Starting from a misunderstanding Traffic accident illustration

Kasat Then Banyumas Police AKP Ryke Rhimadila when confirmed confirmed the incident.

According to him, the accident case stems from a misunderstanding between car drivers and motorbike drivers.

Arriving at the scene, the driver of the car with the initials A could not control his vehicle and the accident occurred.

“It’s true (had an argument), because of a misunderstanding. If we ride a motorcycle for balancing it is a bit gassed,” Ryke explained, Friday (20/11/2020).

“But at the time of the incident the CBR driver was a little bit in the middle. The driver Ayla when he was about to overtake could not control the vehicle and eventually an accident occurred,” he said.

As for the car driver’s alleged intent, he could not confirm it. This is because the case was terminated after both parties agreed to make peace with the best possible compensation.

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Was offered compensation for houses and cars

House illustration.Dock. Center for Housing Financing Fund Management (PPDPP) of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) House illustration.

Meanwhile, moge driver Dimas Prasetyahani said that while he was being treated at the hospital, the family of the car driver who hit him had come and apologized.

At that time, the mother of the car driver also offered compensation for his damaged vehicle with his house and car.

This was done because the price of motorbikes was more expensive than cars and so that the case was not brought to the realm of law or crime.

This is because his child or the driver of the car is known to be the backbone of the family and his wife is currently six months pregnant.

“The family of the attacker had met me at the hospital, he was the only backbone of the family. The family really objected to being convicted,” Dimas said when met at his home, Friday (20/11/2020).

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Compensation offer declined

Illustration of shaking handsshutterstock Illustration of shaking hands

Knowing the offer given and the good faith of the car driver who hit him, Dimas felt sorry for him.

Because he didn’t want to trouble other people, he then decided to decline the offer.

“I’m sorry, that’s the only house, let alone the one who crashed the child, (but) the mother had to be hit, the wife got hit, there is no place to live, I thought until there,” said Dimas.

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“When it comes to material, motorbikes can be repaired, but if you have to trouble or torment other families, I’m sorry. Moreover, I just broke a bone, still given salvation by Allah,” he said.

He admitted that he actually got a valuable lesson from the incident and hopefully it will not happen again or it will happen to other road users.

“Hopefully this will be a lesson because on the road we don’t know who we will meet, we have to be careful. This is also a lesson for me, who rides the motorbike, to be careful, because the voice is fast,” said Dimas.

Author: Banyumas contributor, Fadlan Mukhtar Zain | Editor: Teuku Muhammad Valdy Arief


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