The Fall Guys update introduces random surprises to the boards

Fall Guysdeveloper Mediatonic on Tuesday rolled out a major update for the popular platform game Fall Guys. The update goes by the name Big Yeetus and Anti-Cheetus, and here awaits both new challenges and increased combat against cheaters.

Coincidences prevail

The big Big Yeetus hammer can throw players far forward on the field. Image: Mediatonic

As the developer explains Twitter the update introduces a new element to the competition – namely coincidences. It has always been random which boards you have to work on, but now there are also random surprises in the middle of the heat of battle.

The short trailer above shows, for example, how the finish line in Dizzy Heights is suddenly blocked by watermelons, the dumpsters in See Saw change direction and a huge hammer – called Big Yeetus – is conjured up to shovel players forward on the field. Mediatonic says that these changes will appear without warning, which will probably result in even more chaos than usual.

Furthermore, the developer is stepping up the fight against cheaters, with the Anti-Cheetus part of the update. To overcome the cheating problem, Mediatonic has brought in the same anti-cheating system that Epic Games uses in Fortnite.

Finally, the team has also refined the game a bit, to deliver better performance on both PC and PlayStation 4. Among other things, the transition between rounds will be more stable, so that you can hopefully avoid server crashes or players being thrown out.

A brand new Fall Guys season is also on the way.
Gets medieval theme, with new rounds and costumes »


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