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“The family doctor is still the backbone of the territorial system”

On 7 May a conference was held organized by Piacenza Ausl dedicated to “Reorganization of the territorial care” (also published by this newspaper). “Craftsman General – The Fimmg Piacenza Board intervened, bringing together the general practitioners – were invited as listeners. No representatives were involved in the organization of the event or in the presentation of the views of those who, on a daily basis, were freely chosen by the citizens as trusted doctors. The region and the consequences of our Ausl obviously do not consider it important to deal with the professional figures who have always been at the center of the activity of the national health system. Perhaps for fear of emerging critical issues that are however there for all to see (see for example the waiting list issue) ”.

“The Attorney General, who works closely with citizens and is their preferred interlocutor, is well aware of critical issues in the system and is a spokesman for the health care needs of the population. If we were asked, we would ask some questions. Have over-the-counter but imperfect general medicines continued to exist in recent decades? There will always be the distributed network on the territory (proximity) and the relationship with the citizen linked to the free but revocable choice of his family doctor? “.

“The political decision will explain why it wants to hire tens of thousands of family nurses. Don’t want to give dozens of nurses to family doctor teams? Someone will explain to us why we expect an improvement in efficiency across new districts with 100,000 inhabitants and Community Houses with 40,000 people and others. through an investment in lighter territorial units in proximity such medications are well organized in family doctors? And locally, when will be discussed agreement on chronic management long overdue? “

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“Divide et impera” is an old motto that is still valid, especially when a company wants to impose new rules. Union Fimmg hopes that the obvious fracture will not be irreparable. Integration between all the operating figures in the health system is essential, but the doctor must always be the backbone of the territorial health organization. The national health system is in danger ».

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