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The famous cubes will be made in the first “neutral” factory, in Vietnam

The famous company will start building the first carbon-neutral factory in the second half of next year, and it should start shipping popular pieces and figurines from it in 2024. The factory will cover 44 hectares, the Danish giant is investing a billion dollars and about 1000 billion cubes.

The operation of the newly announced Lega plant is to power energy from rooftop solar panels and a nearby farm, making it the world’s first carbon-neutral Danish plant. The state will be in Vietnam. After the plant built in China in 2015, this will be the second production line built by the company in Asia.

In Asia, sales are growing faster and more children are being born

Last year, the sales of the manufacturer of world-famous kits on the Asian and Pacific markets grew the most of all regions, by 17.7 percent to 7.8 billion Danish crowns, which is about 26.7 billion crowns. In North and South America, or Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the company has more than twice as much sales, but they are not growing as fast as the company’s annual report shows.

Locating production close to one of the major markets is thus strategic for Lego. It reduces costs and protects production from external factors. Compared to more mature Europe or the USA, more children are said to be born in the region.

The plant will create 4,000 new jobs in Vietnam. Kits from the ecological factory, at least from the start, but they will probably still be made of plastic. The company has set the end of the decade as a milestone in the transition to sustainable materials. But that was the goal from 2015, when it set aside $ 150 million to meet it. But last year, after its sales rose 13 percent to a record 43.7 billion Danish crowns, or about 6.5 billion dollars or 148.5 billion crowns, the company promised another $ 400 million for sustainable goals.


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