The famous pianist Dmitry Shishkin in Busk. The audience was outraged [ZDJĘCIA]

After the first part of Monday’s concert of the star of the Krystyna Jamroz Music Festival in Busko-Zdrój, Dmitry Shishkina, the audience left indignant. Why? Check it out.

A very unpleasant discord occurred at the masterful recital of an outstanding pianist. In Poland, Dmitry Shishkin has a large group of fans since the Chopin competition, where he was sixth, but many believe he should be in the top three. His way of interpreting Chopin’s works had as many supporters and enthusiasts as the opponents.

Jan Popis, who hosted the concert, belongs to the first group and emphasized that time has verified the jurors’ decisions – the world hears about Shishkin more and more often, he is a true star of pianism. The Monday performance was all the more eagerly awaited, as the pianist announced that he would perform four of Chopin’s ballades.

Unfortunately, while he was playing in front of the stage, several people recording and photographing, disturbing both the audience and the artist. Attempts to attract their attention discreetly did not help, what’s more, in the background of the stage, photos were displayed – close-ups of the dancers, which additionally distracted the attention.

During the break, a wave of criticism was poured out, the audience did not hide their indignation, because such disturbance is unthinkable at piano recitals. Krystyna Jamroz, the daughter of the festival’s patron, described it as disrespectful to the artist, and her husband, the famous composer Henryk Kuźniak, reacted even more sharply.

The sound engineers from the radio, recording the concert, who had nothing to do with the commotion under the stage, also got in.

Karolina Kępczyk, director of the festival and the Busko Local Government Cultural Center, explained that the artist agreed to the broadcast, but the audience did not agree to this form. Fortunately, after the break, the reporting team did it without walking around the room, the visuals were turned off and the concert continued and Dmitry Shishkin played like in a trance, Sonata No. 7 in B flat major fell through the hall, captivating with her unbridled energy. Now, in times of uncertainty and anxiety, her sound and the pianist’s interpretation gave me goose bumps.

Shishkin also easily convinced the listeners to the works of Nicolas Medtner, he played his Fairy Tale as an encore and it’s a pity only those Chopin’s Ballades. It is not known when the opportunity to listen to this artist will be repeated Live.


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