the fantasy before the R

The Volkswagen Golf new generation will not be marketed with us, and that’s quite disappointing. However, we will be entitled to the performance versions GTI and R. To bridge the gap, we discover the GTI Clubsport which, unfortunately, will remain a fantasy.

Volkswagen knows how to make small cars that border on perfection in terms of balance and performance. Just think of the GTIs and Rs that have been shining brightly for years. The gap between the two, however, leaves room for another model; in this case it is called GTI Clubsport. Until now, we have never had this model at home. With the coming disappearance of the Golf in Canada, we allow ourselves to hope, to have the fantasy that the Clubsport will show up here, but nothing is less certain.

This little ball of dynamism has everything to seduce us. Built on the basis of the Golf Mk8, but more specifically the GTI, it has several transformations that make it even more desirable. Styling, Volkswagen takes a much more jovial approach with a unique bumper and a more aggressive presentation thanks to the integration of a sill skirt. In profile, the rims, with their sublime design, reach 19 inches, and we obtain a decorative applique which sets the tone in terms of sportiness to the model. At the rear, the diffuser takes up volume, and a two-section spoiler at the top of the trunk offers better airflow in addition to giving the car a devastating look.

What defines Clubsport, however, are its technical improvements. It starts with a turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine that goes from 242 to 296 horsepower and torque reaches 295 lb-ft compared to 273 in the case of a simple GTI. To achieve this, Volkswagen changed the configuration of the control unit, integrated a larger cooling system and, above all, adopted a turbocharging developed by Continental. Once married to a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox, the Clubsport should complete 0 to 100 km / hour under 6 seconds.

For guilty pleasures, engineers have continued to push the note with a VAQ front differential more capable than the old XDS. This passage allows you to play with its configuration depending on the driving mode. The camber angle of the front wheels has been revised upwards, as are the dynamic components of the suspensions. Always close to the wheels, the brake calipers switch to 2 pistons and offer more bite. Likewise, the ABS and stability control systems are more permissive. The highlight of the show is certainly the DCC (Dynamic Chassis Control) which offers no less than fifteen different configurations ranging from Comfort to Sport. We even find in the programming an application specific to the famous north loop of the Nürburgring.

Many of us are salivating at the very thought of the existence of this high-performance version of the GTI, but we’ll have to be hungry. Volkswagen Canada has confirmed to us that the GTI Clubsport will not be marketed in Canada. Disappointment all the way!

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