The Farc party excludes its former leaders who took up arms again


The former number two Farc, Ivan Marquez, in Bogota on April 10, 2018. – Fernando Vergara / AP / SIPA

The party Farc, resulting from the agreement of peace in Colombia, made official Wednesday the exclusion of several former rebel leaders returned to the clandestinity and the armed struggle. "The announcement of the return to arms ignores the instances of our national leadership" and "all the directives and political principles in disciplinary matters," said the party Revolutionary Common Alternative Force (FARC), from the former Marxist guerrilla.

A peace agreement dating from 2016

The left-wing party, which had already condemned the return to arms of the rebel leaders, said they had violated "the status and code of ethics in every respect, by a multitude of situations consisting of crimes, serious crimes". and very serious crimes which justify their expulsion.

This decision concerns Ivan Marquez, former FARC number two, Jesus Santrich, his right hand man and Hernan Dario Velasquez Saldarriaga. In a video released late August, these former rebel leaders announced the resumption of the armed struggle, denouncing "the betrayal" by the state of the peace agreement of 2016. On October 4, the Special Jurisdiction of Peace (JEP) excluded them from the specific penal provisions defined by the peace agreement which provides alternative sentences to the prison for the perpetrators of serious crimes, former rebels and military, provided that they tell the truth, compensate the victims and commit themselves to stop using violence.

Bogota accuses neighboring Venezuela of being a refuge for former dissident rebels, as well as leaders of the National Liberation Army (ELN), the last active guerrilla movement in Colombia. Supported by the UN, the 2016 agreement allowed for the disarmament of some 13,000 guerrillas from the former FARC guerrillas. But 2,300 fighters are still dissenting, mostly involved in drug trafficking and illegal mining, according to military intelligence.


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