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“The Farm” 2020: – The “Farm” drama: – I went in black

It went hard on the farm earlier this week, when big farmer Inger Cecilie Grønnerød (47) was to choose the first giant, and assigned the role to 22-year-old Wiktoria Rønning.

The latter did not agree at all with the reasoning, which became a breeding ground for heated discussion about whether the choice was right or not. But no duel can be avoided anyway, and Rønning chose Drammen native Karianne Vilde Wølner (26) as second champion.

DUELLANTS: Karianne Vilde chose to meet Wiktoria in tug of war. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2
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The duo finally fought in tug of war, and after an intense competition, Rønning had to see himself beaten by the opponent. She’s not very happy about that.

– I have such an extreme winning instinct and at one point felt that I was in control. I think Karianne Vilde imagined that she would win easily against me, and that she was mentally challenged that I managed to give so much resistance, says the 22-year-old.

– Could not do more

During the competition, she got what she describes as total over-ignition, which may have been the nail in the coffin for her. In tug of war, it is important for the participants to get three horseshoes in a box, but a mistake for Rønning’s part probably cost her the victory.

GA ALT: Wiktoria talks about blisters and bleeding hands after the competition. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2
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BROKEN: Wiktoria struggled to hold back her tears as she had to say thank you. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2
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– I throw one horseshoe over the checkout, and have to start again. One thing is if you throw it a little past the cash register, then you can grab it, but if you throw it too far so that the rope does not reach there, Mads (host Mads Hansen journ.anm.) Hangs it back on the post, she says, and continues:

– Then we had been working for almost an hour. The mental break there was enough that I could not take it anymore. I had so much pain in my hands, the blood was running, and I could no longer hold the rope.

FARMS: This summer, See and Hear was able to reveal that the Farmen recording was temporarily stopped. This is the reason.
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When Wølner finally got another horseshoe in his box, Rønning chose to give up.

– I just cried and bled. It was a battle I envisioned winning, but I could do no more, she admits, revealing that it was actually not so bad to have to leave the farm when she felt “full” during the fourth week.

– What, on the other hand, was heavy was to travel from Kjetil (Kjetil Kirk journ.anm.). He said he was dependent on me in there, so I was mostly sorry on his behalf, she continues.

DIFFICULT GOODBYE: Wiktoria had to leave Kjetil, with whom she developed a close bond. They both describe it as very difficult. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2
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– Escapes from the recording

That Kjetil Kirk (27) had to be left without his close friend on the farm, he describes as very heavy.

– The world collapsed as she smoked out and I went completely in black. The curtain went down, and I can tell you that the stay would not have been the same without her at all, Kirk tells Dagbladet.

Furthermore, the 27-year-old says that after the exit he struggled to find the motivation, and that the joy on the farm was gone.

FLIRT: Already in the first episode you could see that Kjetil and Wiktoria got a good tone. Now they tell how their relationship is today. Reporter: Jonas Hammer. Video: Thea Hope / TV 2 / Red Carpet
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– It’s true as Wiktoria says, that I was dependent on her in there. You can imagine when you lose your loved one – it was heavy, he admits.

Kirk describes the incident as the world slipping under his feet.

– I ran away from the Parliament, I could not bear to sit there. I went swimming far out in the water and somehow escaped the problems, he says, and continues:

HURT: It was difficult for Kjetil to see Wiktoria have to leave the farm. He says that he struggled with motivation afterwards. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2
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– It hurt so much, and I just wanted to get away from all the cameras and people. Suddenly the joy went from ten to ten minus.

Dagbladet can of course not reveal how things are going with Kirk in the competition, but Rønning will now have the opportunity to fight back on the farm through “Farmen’s” side competition, “Torpet”.

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